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Albumine is a music database program. It treats the music collection as a structured collection of albums, not a chaotic pool of songs.
Its major objective, apart from keeping your music easy to locate, access and share, is to help you automate the process of inserting new albums into the database. Albumine will collect all relevant data from a given directory and it will appear in your database in a couple of seconds. So, you no longer have to do it manually, and the boring repetitive work is gone. Albumine does not however snatch the control from your hands - you can interfere and correct at any stage.

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Or go to the downloads section. Albumine is free software and it is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License v2.


Albumine is currently in the development stage, version 0.1 is considered pre-alpha. Although it is already functional (and has helped me a lot), it lacks many major features and is not very stable. For example, this version supports only mp3 files with ID3v1 tags. Support for ID3v2 tags (easy to implement), Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and other formats is planned for next versions.
Albumine is being developed with Lazarus, a Delphi-compatible cross-platform development suite


[2004/06/05]: Version 0.1.1 released. Bugfix release. Removed a couple of annoying bugs, added some less important features.

[2004/05/26]: Version 0.1 released. Very buggy, but already functional. I already used it in practice and it does save time and effort. Bugfix / feature improvement releases are scheduled to cccur soon.

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